Negative Results

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Negative Results is a journal that publishes articles that challenge current knowledge, existing models, and tenets. The articles are based on rigorous, and well-documented results that do not support these models or even refute them. Scientists usually communicate their findings by publishing results in specialized peer-reviewed journals. However negative findings – those that do not agree with what the researchers hypothesized – are often disregarded, neglected and therefore not put forward for publication. The stigma surrounding negative findings means that they are a low priority for publication.

This raises a major issue: if results are not reported (positive or negative) then concepts that are untrue or incomplete are never corrected, despite their potentially dire consequences. Ignoring the vast information source that is negative results is troublesome in several ways:

  • by skewing the scientific literature by only including chosen pieces of information
  • by causing a huge waste of time and resources.

The issues surrounding the negative finding culture are certainly gaining traction. Nonetheless, publication bias is still an issue, indicating that a shift in the scientific culture is required. We at the Negative Results believe that we can make a difference and reverse this pernicious trend by demonstrating the importance of disseminating all results while still maintaining the higher standards of excellence at the journal and in the scientific litterature.